Editing is an art of peculiar design.  
On the surface it is purely a technical endeavor. A computer operator manages and converts dozens of file types and signals, connecting them into a playable video clip.  Analog, digital, animation, graphics, music, effects, tempo, color timing, mood the list goes on.  Mastering all of these is only the entrance fee to a good edit session.
An editor must manage technical and creative in the most critical way.  This is not a balancing act. Both must be brought to the table in full force. Creativity and aesthetic quality are the packaging of a well crafted message.  
With close to two decades of experience in post-production, editorial staff at
H2 Media guarantee the highest quality products with a keen eye for making
an engaging viewer experience.
 A superior system with uncompressed
and mixed compression resolution
capabilities.  Hundreds of video layers
with effects compositing, titling and
nesting.  Editing, graphics animation,
audio editing and mixing are all standard
on this complete system.  We can output your
project to a wide variety of media and digital file
formats for broadcast, web or multimedia applications.

We believe that graphics are an integral part of all video productions and as such, we are expert in the use of Photoshop and After Effects. These industry leading in graphics creation and manipulation applications are available in suite. AVID Media Composer HD.
Additional offerings:
BetacamSP,  Blu-Ray Disc, DVD’*’,  VHS,   3/4’,   HDV, DVCam and MiniDV are all available in this edit theatre.  Through strategic partners we have access to virtually all other media formats.
Post-Production Editorial staff at H2 Media
have received numerous
awards for creative and
technical excellence including
Gold Gemini Award,
New York Film Festival Award and an Emmy Award.
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