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This hardware / software based encoding and
authoring system creates the industries cleanest
and clearest MPEG files in real time for the best
quality DVD presentations.  Simple 1-play discs
or complex multi-menu, multi-language projects
are easily created with this industry leading
Single-layer or Dual-layer discs can be authored
and burned on the desktop or sent to manufacturing
for large quantity orders.
Full service menu design and creation by highly qualified graphic artists and print quality packaging are available in-house.  
If you’ve never worked on a DVD project before, our experts will guide you through the entire process to ensure a smooth workflow and high quality product.
DVD dailies are also available.
phone (416) 861-0455
DVD Authoring and creation is handled with
Sonic Solutions - DVD Fusion XL. DVD Authoring
DVD and Blu-Ray discs are without question the most innovative delivery tools this industry has ever conceived.  The possibilities available to the author are limitless.  From simple ‘load and play’ videos to complex multi-language, multi-title discs to gaming and more, DVD’s and Blu-Ray offer a variety of product potential that are simple to use, effective and inexpensive.
H2 Media has been producing and creating DVD volumes from the day they were available on the desktop and now also offer Blu-Ray disc creation.  We have more than a decade of experience in authoring.  Let us show you the possibilities.